Immigration Law

Immigration Law

I Will Help You Come And Stay In The USA

The immigration process is stressful and maddening. A professional and skilled immigration lawyer can make it easier. I handle all facets of U.S. immigration law, starting from employment and business visas ending with the family immigration and asylum.

The Law Office of Olena Manilich is based in Manhattan but serves immigrants and their sponsors all over the world. I`m ready to help everyone in need.

“I have personal experience with the U.S. immigration system. As your lawyer, I am here to guide you through the legal process and clear away obstacles.
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Employment-Based Green Cards

There is a wide range of immigration programs that help foreign professionals and skilled workers get a green card and live in the U.S. permanently. Each employment-based immigration category has different legal requirements and procedures.

I help business owners, investors, executives, professors, researchers, professionals, artists, athletes and other individuals obtain permission to join their families, work in the United States and establish residency.

I assist immigrants and their sponsoring employers in all aspects, including PERM (labor certification) or consular processing in their home countries.

Family-Based Immigration

One the greatest joys for an immigration lawyer is helping citizens and immigrants reunite with their families. I assist with the paperwork and permissions for spouses and children, siblings, parents, adult children, fiancés and other family members to secure residency status in the United States.

Non Immigrant Business Visas

People come to the United States for various reasons – business, pleasure, study. Multiple visas exist to allow a foreigner come and stay in the US for a certain period of time. The type of visa is selected based on the planned activities in the U.S. Different rules and regulations are attached to each visa category. While the process of obtaining a tourist visa may be quite straightforward, the application for a business or employment visa requires submission of extensive documentation and often cannot be done without assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. We help with all kinds of non-immigrant visas. Our success rate gives us special pride and satisfaction.

Business And Investor Visas

The U.S. government provides many programs for nonimmigrants to live and work in the U.S. temporarily. Coming to America to conduct business or fill a labor need is often the first step toward securing an immigrant visa in the future. I can assist with all categories of visas

Asylum Or Refugee Visas

Those who have suffered persecution in their country of origin or have a credible fear of persecution may qualify for asylum in the United States. I can guide you through the application process and related asylum/refugee matters, including: The legal requirements for each category vary and strict time limits apply. Contact me immediately if your immigrant status is in jeopardy or if need help seeking protection through asylum.

Naturalization (Citizenship)

I am happy to assist with your application to become a U.S. citizen. You must meet the requirements for continuous residence, good moral character, reading and writing basic English, knowledge of U.S. history and a loyalty oath. I can help you prepare for the citizenship test and interview, and address any problems that would prevent you from being naturalized, such as past criminal arrests or convictions.

I Personally Handle Your Immigration Matters

Immigration law is my main focus. I am a solo lawyer, so you work directly with me. I will explain everything to you and make sure your paperwork meets the requirements to make the immigration process as smooth as possible for you. I offer a in-office consultation. Call me today at +1-(201)-688-7773 or contact me by email to discuss your situation, or click here to book an appointment.