The O1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa designed for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, education, business, athletics, arts, or the motion picture and television industry.

As an experienced O1 Visa Attorney, Olena Manilich is committed to providing exceptional legal services to help you navigate the complex immigration process and obtain your O1 Visa.

Why Choose Olena Manilich as Your O1 Visa Attorney?

  1. In-Depth Knowledge: Olena Manilich has extensive experience with the O1 Visa program, staying up-to-date with the latest requirements and regulations.
  2. Customized Strategies: Olena takes the time to understand your unique immigration goals, offering tailored legal solutions.
  3. Comprehensive Support: From the initial consultation to the final approval, Olena provides ongoing assistance, ensuring a smooth application process.

Understanding the O1 Visa

The O Visa is divided into few categories, each with its own set of eligibility requirements:

  1. O-1A: Individuals with an extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, or athletics (not including the arts, motion pictures or television industry);
  2. O-1B: Individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts or extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry;
  3. O-2: Individuals who will accompany an O-1 artist or athlete to assist in a specific event or performance;
  4. O-3: Individuals who are the spouse or children of O-1 and O-2 visa holders.

Key Steps in the O1 Visa Application Process

  1. Assess eligibility: Olena Manilich will evaluate your qualifications, achievements, and field of expertise to determine if you are eligible for an O1 Visa.
  2. Prepare the necessary documentation: Olena will help you gather and prepare the required documents, such as evidence of your extraordinary ability, major awards or recognition, and a detailed description of your job duties in the U.S.
  3. Obtain an advisory opinion: Olena will guide you through the process of obtaining an advisory opinion from a relevant U.S. peer group, labor organization, or management organization, if applicable.
  4. File the O1 Visa petition: With Olena’s assistance, your employer or agent will submit the O1 Visa petition (Form I-129) to USCIS, ensuring it’s complete and free of errors.
  5. Consular processing or Change of Status: Once your O1 Visa petition is approved, Olena will guide you through the consular processing or change of status process, depending on your current location and circumstances.
  6. Receive your O1 Visa: Upon successful completion of the process, you will be granted an O1 Visa, allowing you to live and work in the United States for the specified period.

Building a Strong O1 Visa Application

A successful O1 Visa application requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Olena Manilich will work closely with you and your employer or agent to develop a strong application, including:

  1. Demonstrating extraordinary ability: Olena will help you provide sufficient evidence to establish your extraordinary ability or achievement in your field, such as major awards, recognition, or meeting the specific criteria.
  2. Highlighting your qualifications: Olena will emphasize your unique skills, expertise, and accomplishments that make you eligible for the O1 Visa.
  3. Ensuring accurate documentation: Olena will guide you in gathering and preparing the required documents, such as letters of recommendation, publications, or evidence of your contributions to the field.

Don’t navigate the complex O1 Visa application process alone. Trust the expertise of Olena Manilich, an experienced O1 Visa Attorney, to guide you through every step.

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