The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS) implemented revised fees for commonly processed immigration applications for the first time in 2016. These changes aim to improve the agency’s fee-setting approach and process and support the effective and efficient operation of the USCIS. Therefore, immigrants and legal professionals need to understand them as part of navigating U.S. immigration law.

Revised Fee Structure

The new Fee Rule covers different types of applications and mirrors the alteration to the immigration process. One of the most considerable changes is related to the Adjustment of Status process. The fees of which range from $2065 to $3005 according to the particular forms. Hence, the current changes align the proximity of an individual’s funds to the above-mentioned amounts.

Encouragement for Online Filing

USCIS’s current fee policies also encourage the use of online filing. With its submission being considerably cheaper compared to mail-in applications. This policy is not only responsive to contemporary technological breakthroughs. Also facilitates more simplified application procedures, and minimizes paperwork and paperwork-related bureaucracies for applicants and USCIS staff. Through cheaper online submission, USCIS has made active steps to improve its efficacy and lower costs for applicants.

Detailed Fee Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the revised fees for common USCIS applications in 2024:

Application Type Form Filling Method Fee
DACA Renewal Form I-821D Online $85
By Mail $520
Form I-765 Online $470
By Mail $520
Adjustment Of Status Form I-130 Online $625
By Mail $675
Form I-485 $1440
Form I-765 $630
Advance Parole Form I-131 $630
Removal of Conditions Form I-751 $750
Citizenship Form N-400 Online $710
By Mail $760
Waivers Form I-601 $1050
Form I-601A $795

Implications for Applicants

The implications of the revised fee structure for immigrants trying to navigate the immigration process are significant. It will require a great deal of financial planning to ensure applicants can meet the financial implications of the immigration benefits they seek. As the bulk of the changes involve a switch to online filing, understanding the technology and digital resources is increasingly important.

How The Law Office of Olena Manilich Can Help

We understand the importance of the above-mentioned changes. We can guarantee that our clients will have assistance at every stage of the immigration process. The members of the team will use their knowledge, and experience to make USCIS applications easier for our clients. Feel free to contact us. We will constantly review the changes clients are experiencing. Our team does best to work in the interests of their professional goals to promote smooth and successful immigration processes.


USCIS’s revised fee structure in 2024 significantly reshapes the immigration landscape Also, it reshapes financial implications for applicants and legal practitioners. Knowing the different aspects of this structure, and how they will influence future applications. It will allow immigrants to better prepare for the financial aspects of the immigration process.

The team at The Law Office of Olena Manilich will guide and represent our clients throughout this process. We are your unwavering support and advocacy. Schedule your consultation. Let’s advance towards your immigration goals together confidently and unambiguously.